Eco-Friendly solutions for your tableware needs

Ask this question to anyone who enjoys eating out, "Do you prefer dining at an eco-friendly establishment?" Most people will say yes because most people care about our environment and our collective impact on it. "Going Green" isn't just a saying, it's a movement.

GREEN WAVE  —  designs environmentally friendly tableware products for your business needs because the green movement is now. Going green starts and ends with each of us individually as well as collectively.

MARKETS  —  benefiting from Green Wave produts include restaurants, lodging, healthcare, hospitality, education, industrial and cruise lines. Regarding your business advertising, let customers know you're environmentally-friendly by using compostable Green Wave products (*and/or recyclable products like our dome lids).

PS  —  If a commercial composting facility isn't part of your community's waste management service, why not ask for it? One person, one business, one community at a time can start a lasting green wave. Let's get composting!