REDO - Recycled Fiber Products

This compostable product line is made from recycled paper and retains the natural brown color from the paper pulp. The denim-like texture and natural color make the Redo tray and bowl well-suited for casual occasions.

When casual and fun are part of your business dynamic, REDO fits the bill with it's low-key yet versatile design. These hardy paper-pulp items can be used in many ways for food services: think of food piled high in our generous 9" bowl like fried asparagus, chips, crab legs, oysters or fish sticks carried on a REDO waffle tray for your catering or buffet line. Additonally, because our REDO bowls are absorbent, they're sometimes used in back of kitchen applications to wick greasy foods. The possiblities are endless.

Products to Complement REDO: Epoch Cutlery and Evolution Plate & Bowls

Item No. Description Packed
Case Wt. L W H Cases
Cube Case UPC
TW-FOB-045 9" Round Bowl - 45 oz. 4x125/500 30.80 18.9 18.9 14 7/4 28 2.90 0609728485702
TW-TOO-041 9" x 12" Tray 2x125/250 32.89 22.3 19.5 13.0 8/4 32 3.26 6936487900288